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Adult Psychiatrist
Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology

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Elizabeth Roberts, MD is a board-certified Psychiatrist who treats children, teens and adults in private practice at two locations: Murrieta, and Newport Beach, California.  Outside of her private practice, Dr. Roberts is the Medical Director at Balboa Horizons, a residential addictions program in Newport Beach for adults.

Dr. Roberts has appeared on The Oprah Show, The Today Show, ABC News in Chicago and CBS News Los Angeles, NBC News in San Francisco, on Real Life with Mary Amoroso in New Jersey, and KZSW TV in California.  She testified before the US Congressional subcommittee on Human Resources regarding the overmedicating of Children in the United States on October 27, 2011.

For her expertise on the subject of medicating children with psych drugs, she has been a guest on numerous radio shows including: Washington Post Radio in Washington D.C., The Milt Rosenberg Show, Chicago, The Pete Wilson Show, San Francisco, Positive Parenting, San Francisco, Washington, DC and Good Parenting and many others.


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Dr. Roberts has been quoted in several publications, including her Op-Ed in The Washington Post,  "A Rush To Medicate Young Minds" published October 8, 2006; the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Forum: Bipolar Kids or Bad Parents? published November 18, 2007; and in the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times.

Books Authored by Dr. Roberts:
Should You Medicate Your Child's Mind?
A Child Psychiatrist Makes Sense of Whether or Not to Give Kids Meds
(May 2006)

Should You Medicate Your Child's Mind

Millions of parents are struggling with the decision of whether or not to medicate their children for psychiatric disorders�from depression to ADHD to bipolar disorder. Now physician and psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Roberts explains the risks and benefits of medicating and not medicating children and demystifies and simplifies the process of separating psychiatric illness from the other more common behavioral patterns in children, particularly defiance, or willfulness.

Dr. Roberts clearly explains what she discusses every day with the parents of the hundreds of children she treats. How is a parent to know which behaviors are bio-chemical and which are simply the result of willfulness? When should a parent seek a child psychiatrist's help in medicating their child? How can you find a doctor you can trust? When is it more appropriate to use behavioral techniques? Dr. Roberts' insight will be invaluable in helping families wade through all the contradictory recommendations that often come from the media, the Internet, teachers, relatives, friends and neighbors.

Bipolar Children:
Cutting Edge Controversy, Insight, and Research

Should You Medicate Your Child's Mind?
The Reviews are starting to come in...

�This is an outstanding resource for parents from one of America�s most important child psychiatrists. If you are a parent with a child who is taking psychiatric medications, or you are thinking about starting your child on these medications, this is a must read.� �Tobias Desjardins, LCSW, family mediator, creator of the �Divorce Survivor� workshop series

�A carefully thought out, down-to-earth analysis of a sensitive problem many parents face. It should be reassuring to lots of moms and dads.�
�Thomas W. Phelan, PhD, author of 1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2�12

�Any parent who is considering placing their child on psychiatric medications should first read this book. Dr. Roberts takes an extremely complicated issue and, using common sense and solid medical knowledge, distills it down to no-nonsense advice that is enjoyable and informative to read.�
�Bryan D. Yates, MD, psychiatrist

From the Foreword:
"What you need is not propaganda from either side in the war. What you need is the truth, which is almost certainly in the middle. Thankfully, Dr. Elizabeth Roberts has written this book, a practical, hands-on, no nonsense guide to making one of the most difficult decisions in parentdom. She�s laid out the issues, the confusions, the problems and the solutions without getting into partisanship in the war. Her allegiance is to you and your child, to helping you to neither give your child medications he may not need nor to avoid them when they might help. In this book, your child gets to be your child rather than a poster kid for either side of the war going on in psychiatry." Drew Ross, M.D.

Should You Medicate Your Child's Mind?
A Child Psychiatrist Makes Sense of Whether or Not to Give Kids Meds

"My inspiration for this book came from my clinical experience. After repeated encounters with children as young  as three years old who had been diagnosed by their previous doctor multiple times, with simultaneous psychiatric illnesses and medicated with several different psychiatric medications, I knew something was wrong. As I sorted out each situation with each individual family they would ask me, 'Where could I have found this information before the mistakes were made in my child�s treatment?' Parents asked me to write a book to help them navigate the sea of mixed, often contradictory advice offered by well-meaning teachers, neighbors and hurried pediatricians. They complained that most authors generally take an all or nothing approach. Authors usually present the extremes. They will either vilify or glorify psychiatric medication. Finding a book that approaches the subject in reasonable way is not easy."�Elizabeth Roberts

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