August 1, 2023

Dr. Elizabeth J. Roberts M.D.

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Adult Psychiatrist

Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology


"Dr. Elizabeth Roberts is the best of the best. My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with Bipolar I about 5 months ago, and has been in the throws of depression for about 2.5 months now (after being manic). Recently, Dr. Roberts, who came highly recommended by two of my colleagues, spent 1.5hrs to uncover the root of Jackie's depression and provided her with solutions. My daughter went to the appointment angry and disillusioned because she felt so hopeless. After meeting with Dr. Roberts, my daughter was all smiles in the car, and said that Dr. Roberts gave her back her "hope". She said that Dr. Roberts not only pinpointed the issues causing her depression, but Dr. Roberts also gave her constructive solutions to deal with each of her pain points. In addition she also made changes to Jackie's medication and dosages and provided insightful information about the spectrum of medications and how they work. My daughter's words after the appointment with Dr. Roberts were: , "Mom, she "gets" me. For the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful." Since this meeting, my daughter has been more like her self, prior to the diagnosis. I can literally see her coming out of her depressed state, albeit, we are still taking things one day at a time. However, since our daughter's session with Dr. Roberts, three days ago, our household has been the happiest (and most stable) since my daughter's diagnosis. My husband and I are genuinely grateful to have found Dr. Roberts and appreciate the injection of hope and energy she inspired in our daughter. I strongly recommend Dr. Roberts for anyone that just needs intelligent and insightful information regarding any mental illness, including types of medications and dosages, to those that are desperately seeking a leader in this field to provide guidance, direction, knowledge and lead them back to recovery."
Isabel M
April 12, 2013
Orange County

“I cannot put into words how insightful and helpful Dr Roberts is but I will try. I went to her after having seen many other doctors over the past few years and all they seemed to want to do is prescribe drugs and collect your money. Dr Roberts is the opposite. She helped me stop taking drugs that were harmful to me, and gave me real hope and encouragement. She is not going to agree with you if she feels you are making bad choices just to keep you as a client. She does not accept insurance but I have found lately that the best doctors do not accept it either. I am reimbursed by my insurance company. If you want real help from an accomplished and insightful doctor, Dr Roberts is who I would most highly recommend."

"My husband and I had the greatest opportunity to receive valuable information and keen insight regarding our daughter’s diagnosis from one of the few remaining doctor’s in the field today involving medications and their effects on children. Due to Dr. Roberts’ expertise she was able to identify the problem immediately and was able to provide solutions where other doctors had failed to do so. I highly recommend Dr Roberts to children and adults in any part of the world. Doctors like her are rare and hard to come by.”
Corona, CA

“She is an amazing doctor and has helped me so much! I feel everything about her and her office is great! I am so glad I found her.”

“I am blessed to have Dr Roberts. Our sessions ground me and help me find strength within myself. Her expertise in pharmacology is key to my situation. Whenever I feel weak, tired or afraid of making poor choices, I remember something Dr Roberts shared with me about getting through medical school as a single mom. If she can do that, then I surely can navigate my life as a single mom. Thank you for everything, Dr Roberts.”

“After acquiring a detailed history, Dr. Roberts mapped out a plan with flexibility based on results. After about a year of exceptional results, Dr. Roberts continues to explore options should things no longer work as well.”
David S

“Dr. Roberts has provided excellent care for our daughter. Dr. Roberts provides an environment that made our daughter feel very safe--she previously had a dislike of doctors (as most kids do!) but now refers to her as “the miracle worker! ”From the very first treatment session we knew that we were in the right place. Dr. Roberts listens completely, asks questions and gives excellent direction and guidance. She understands children and provides an atmosphere where our daughter always felt respected and listened to. She also understands parenting (as she is one herself) and can provide invaluable insight for the whole family. Our daughter has gained many things throughout her treatment with Dr. Roberts. Overall, she received excellent medical care. Additionally, she has received respect, motivation, guidance and inspiration. The most important thing she received was empowerment. She has gained the knowledge and strength to realize she has the power to work through difficult aspects of life, an invaluable tool for life”
Anne D

"Dr. Elizabeth Roberts, MD is one of the best psychiatrists practicing today. She is a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, board-certified, and an advocate for children. Dr. Roberts has an excellent knowledge of psychiatry, medicine, addiction treatment and other areas of specialty. She is one of the most honest, straight-forward and ethical doctors I have ever dealt with."
Lydia L.
Murrieta, CA

“I am truly grateful to Dr Roberts. With her guidance and support, the anxiety that I struggled with for most of my life is under control and I am now living a life I thought could never exist.”

“I could not be more pleased with the service I have received from Dr. Roberts. My daughter was in a serious crisis when she was initially seen by Dr. Roberts. Dr Roberts quickly assessed the situation and supported my daughter (and I) with a treatment plan. My daughter took to Dr. Roberts immediately and felt that there was hope. Choosing to medicate your child is not an easy decision. Dr Roberts did a wonderful job of explaining the medications both to my daughter and I. She is able to provide both therapy as well as medication, which is unique. I am 100% satisfied with the services and treatment I have received from Dr Roberts!”

"Dr Roberts has always been very kind and professional. My children all have anxiety she has treated with excellent results. We value her opinion and expertise. She is very astute and gets to the bottom line with compassion and a bit of wit. We love Dr Roberts."